Blast from the past

Dads '67 Trophy, pic taken sometime in the mid to late '70s. He parted with the bike sometime around my birth as far as I know, but he cant remember exactly. Mods of the day included apes and cocktail shakers, and removal of the front guard and fork gaiters. Though running sans front guard wasnt (and still isnt) as popular here as it in the US... I have been asked on many occasions if I need a front guard for my commando, and get odd looks when I say I have one, its just at home on a shelf!

This pre unit chop came much later, I dont know when the build started but I remember it as a kid in the early to mid eighties, around when this pic was taken. In the US I believe this would be referred to as a chopper done in the late sixties/seventies style, but I dont if this type of build was popular here until after 1970. Maybe some of you graybeards could shed some light on this. Chopper and custom bike history is hard to come by in this country unless you hear it straight from the guys who were there, and even then I think the old buggers cant remember that much!

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