The Dupex frame Saga. Post #1.

I am calling this a saga now, because I know thats where its heading. I have a perfectly good '69 T120 frame that I could use instead, but I aquired this for no better reason than it was fairly rare, and something a little different. This will end up costing me good money to fix, and against my better judgement Im going ahead with it.
The rear tube is bent and dented, and welded. It will need complete replacement. The lower rails have been shortened for unknown reasons, and bent fowards to meet the front rails. While this may still accommodate my unit motor, they will look bent and that just wont do. The rails could be straightened, or replaced completely at great cost. I am seeking further advice.. great scott what have I done?

Well done chaps, and curse the Prime Minister.

To the 5000 gents that descended on Parliment in protest against the proposed ACC levy increase, jolly good show I say. It does fill me with disgust however, at the Prime Ministers duplicitous behaviour. Minister Nick Smith though, fills me with more than plain disgust. He is a joke of a man and appears completely incompetent in his role, and we, the motorcyclists shall suffer.

The Norton vs Triumph movie

This came up on the Access Norton and JJ Forums. Most people have seen it by now but here it is again.


line fittings best suit HD, but could be easily plumbed for british. Has two outlet (outlet/drain plug) and two inlet (inlet/breather) and push-in cap with oil temp gauge. Two top mounts and one bottom. Measures approx 6" dia, under 10" length.
I brought this for a triumph project but using a pre-unit tank instead.
$350NZ. ($260USD plus shipping)
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Or Email me direct

Sunday drivers

While riding on the motorway on sunday, my riding collegues and I where set upon by a bunch of unruly and disrespectful youths riding in a motorcar from the land of the rising sun. They must have had something wrong with their suspension or perhaps were carrying considerable weight in their vehicle as it rode extremely low to the ground. But I digress.
The driver must also have had a neck injury as he seemed not to be able to look around as he changed lanes, and also had a discouraging preference not to use his mirrors because his motorcar moved so rapidly onto the motorway and changed lanes with such gusto, that he cut across my path of motion recklessly close to the front wheel of my motorcycle. I could only decreee that perhaps he did not see me, or simply cared not for my presence. I assumed the latter, and somewhat indignant, I proceeded to give chase..

Im outdoors you know

The perils of an outdoor workspace ;
1. The lawn devours all your nuts and bolts.
2. Rain gets in your beverage.
3. The neighbours kids steal your shiny tools.
4. Birds relieve themselves on your saddle.
5. Your better half (or wife) refuses to hold a sun shade for long enough to fix anything.