Its not new, but I only just got it. In short, and to contradict myself, I was dissapointed a little, but Ive watched it about three times in the last few weeks. Confused? Well there isnt much of this kind of dvd around, most of your brit bike docos are history on the various marques or on motorcycling itself. We dont have much on film that covers some of the custom scene and culture that goes with it. Not in this style anyway. With Brittown I was expecting something more professional and something a bit more broad in regards to the Brit bike custom scene in the US, but it focuses mainly on the one guy, "Meatball" and his mates, their band and their bikes. Its watchable for sure, a couple of neats bikes and some cool music, but it had so much more potential as a doco.
As a side note, check out the bonus features of the guys customising an oif triumph. They didnt even strip the bike completely, they just hacked of the rear half of the frame with engine and tank still fitted! I was a little shocked with their methods and the fact it seemed such a tidy bike to start with, but hey.. if thats their thing who am I to judge.
In summary, as a dvd to put on over a couple of beers, its worth a look. You can borrow mine if you want.