More stuff coming up this month, mostly unit triumph parts!


Original 70s Cocktail Shakers
1 3/4"
Rechromed by Superb Platers (ChCh)
Top/Bottom Gasket set (not incl head gasket)
650 Tri Unit
US Made


36 Hole 18" DiD Alloy
grey/anodised finish, needs refinishing/tidy, no dings.

 Octogon Oil tank with battery cutout Tri/BSA

Has been chromed stripped and primed. Damaged bottom mount underneath (see photo)

$85 SOLD

NEW Amal 900 series 32mm Mk1 Concentric $240!
Main Jet 200
N/Jet 106
Pilot BUSH Valv3

NEW Biltwell Four Aces Bars 1" Chrome $100!

NEW Oil tank halves, domed. $99!

NEW DIY Oil tank kits. bungs fittings etc $45!
(1) 5" x 9" .125" steel tubing

(1) aluminum filler cap with 1-1/8" diameter steel threaded bung
(1) filler neck 1-1/8" x 2-1/2" long
(2) 3/8"-16 mounting bungs
(1) Feed bung that accepts stock Triumph OEM style filter fitting (Filter fitting available check other listings)
(1) 1/4" return tube with 1/8" return tee for top end lubrication
(1) 9" long internal return tube with capped end and return hole
(1) 90 degree vent tube
NEW British OEM style screw in oil filter $40

NEW DIY Oil tank kits complete $200!
Includes Tank Halves, Oil Tank Fittings Kit, and Filter.

NEW Ford repro tail light with license plate bracket $65 SOLD
NEW Hotrod 3" side mirror $40 SOLD
USED Custom rear frame section for unit Triumph, low seat style $35 SOLD
Finned alloy oil tank for HD $250 SOLD

Triumph C Series Frame and Girder
'28 - '33

Will seperate Girder at the right price

$450 o.n.o SOLD

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