Tool envy

Like any good motorcyclist, I like tools. We need them. They are necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle, like food. I know you understand, try convincing the missus. I like browsing tools shops like she does the clothing store, trying on hand tools and accessories to see if they complete me. I usually convince myself that I need to buy something. Because I do.
Recently I went out to get a wire brush and spent over a hundred bucks on tools instead. In the end I got the wrong brush. But did I take it back? No. I might need it for something later..
But I digress..

Nothing better to do

It is a typical Manawatu winter sunday, and as much as I was looking foward to getting the Commando out of its shed today, I think I'll just hope for better conditions next weekend. Now Im no stranger to winter riding, Ive ridden around during a few Christchurch winters - with the excepetion of snow or ice - but when you're likely to be blown right off the road, the enjoyment of motorcycling is diminished to the point where you may as well stay at home and get to work fixing something. Or.. spend a few spare hours gazing at the computer screen. So, if you havent found enough already, you'll want to browse the what cool blogs yall checkin out? thread on the JJ Forums.


If you have ever seen a bike which has influenced your opinion on motorcycles then for me this is one of those bikes. Before this all I could think about was my Commando and what I could do with it. Id always liked the Meridan Machines, but this is what really got me going onto my own Triumph custom. I'm sure I'll get around to rebuilding the Norton eventually, but putting together a sweet bobbed style Triumph has been Project Number One since late last year when I brought the first piece of the puzzle, a hacked up '68 frame. If you havent altready, check out the article from TCM about one of the best bobbers you'll see, even if its not your thing, you cant argue with a motorcycle like this!

In Memory of Johnny Cash TShirt. I got mine. Get yours from lowbrow here !

Buy it

All for sale items relisted today. Go here to buy stuff. You know you need it.

In other news, I came across these great pics on Cyril Huze blog. Pics by John Adams taken at the annual Riding into History Concours 2010 see the Gallery and you'll want to go out and clean your bike. Or have a beer on the couch. Its up to you.


  Saw two great sets from Darcy Perry and his band yesterday at the Celtic in Palmy North. Great bloke, he remembered me giving him a lift hitching about ten years ago! Scored 3 signed albums for $20. I then made the mistake of venturing out into dirty old palmy until closing time. Now I remember why I dont miss the nightlife here. I should've saved the money for the bike.. I had planned to get back to the Celtic today to catch Bullfrog Rata, but it was easier to stay asleep then get up for a burger and some tv. Slacker.