Tool envy

Like any good motorcyclist, I like tools. We need them. They are necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle, like food. I know you understand, try convincing the missus. I like browsing tools shops like she does the clothing store, trying on hand tools and accessories to see if they complete me. I usually convince myself that I need to buy something. Because I do.
Recently I went out to get a wire brush and spent over a hundred bucks on tools instead. In the end I got the wrong brush. But did I take it back? No. I might need it for something later..
But I digress..
 Long after the cheap plastic tool roll of my favourite set of AIGO spanners had disintergrated, I grew tired of cursing loose spanners and how I couldnt find the size I wanted. Not unlike loose women, who can usually only be found in the large open end type. I decided I needed a tool roll that would last as long as the tools. Longhorn Leathers down in Christchurch is where I got this made. It wasnt cheap, but I wont have to buy another one.
Well, I may have to, when I get more spanners..

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