Project BSA tracker update

Set the table, Mr Beeza is coming for dinner.
Not much of an update, but its in bits now..


Trident engine in a BSA frame. So it seems. Well photographed at least..


Here is another machine for the collection. It may have once been a flat track racer when it lived the US, and that was most likely when it last turned a wheel under its own power. It has since resisded under a staircase, but now it is mine. The year and model are unknown. Indeed. I refer you to the odd engine numbers. I have made enquires upon the board of those that know such things, and I await either something informative, some sort of jest or even sympathy..

What will I do with such a contraption? I am currently residing near the coast, and thus large quantities of sand. Summer is upon us. I am confident I shall find a use for it...