Good show old chap

 Manawatu Classic Motorcycle show 2010

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It was a good show, and there were more old chaps than you could poke a walking stick at. Seems like a geriatrics hobby to own british these days. There were some nice bikes indeed, mostly stockers, few specials. The Bonny was by far the most numerous model of anything in the show, there was at least a dozen  or more of those.. but they were ALL good.

Only one lonley Norton Commando in 70s orange represented the best British twin of all time.. yes only one! While there was only two BSA unit twins - a late 60s and an oif lightning - and two Rocket 3's, there were plenty of ancient machines.

 I had to concede the necessity of filling up the hall for the show, unfortunately this meant giving some display space to a cluster of modern machines, including a couple of american billet barge monstrosities, a few new triumphs, a couple of new MV Agustas, and even some hideous oriental custom!
The Japanese vintage representation was good however, a bunch of Kawasaki H2s in nicely restored condition, and a number of VMX machines which brought back memories of all the dirt bikes I wanted when I was younger. I didnt take any photos of these, apologies to the Jap vintage fans out there..

The road and race specials were my personal favourites from a perfect Metisse to a JAP engined Zenith, an awesome supercharged pre-unit, and even a norton powered TQ!

The swap meet on sunday was certainly nothing to behold. I arrived right on 8am to find only a couple of other sellers there. Rain threatened, and I figured most of the old farts would be still looking for their slippers and morning paper by that time. The vultures swooped on my vehicle and surrounded me while I was trying to unload, then deciding the carcass was not worth picking, they buzzed off to the next wagon that rolled into the carpark. A few more people eventually turned up, and it rained. I sold a sum total of $80 worth of stuff I didnt want, and spent a sum total of $80 on more stuff! I think the next swap is at Feilding in October? All in all, worth the trip into town and the $5 entry. See you next year!

PS - i didnt get the BSA finished in time for the show. You didnt actually think I would have, did you?

BSA Scrambler update, 1 week to go

Last week before the Show and this is all Ive got.. My tank and guard still need a couple of coats of paint, Im missing a front wheel and I havent made the seat yet..

Looking very shiny, but will it go?

Another Hamco built wheel. BSA QD hub, Alloy and 4.10x18 import tyre.

Pretty looking fork adapters fitting the Honda legs to the BSA Yokes. Obviously, a complicated answer to a simple problem, but thats the essence of building a special, right?

Cars are ok

While I was supposed to be at work on saturday, after a lame excuse phone call to the boss why I wouldnt be there, me and my hangover went to the Palmy Hot Rod Club show and swap at Manfield Park. Gates opened at 8, so I strolled in after 12, partly because thats how organised I am, and partly so I didnt have to pay to get in..