Cars are ok

While I was supposed to be at work on saturday, after a lame excuse phone call to the boss why I wouldnt be there, me and my hangover went to the Palmy Hot Rod Club show and swap at Manfield Park. Gates opened at 8, so I strolled in after 12, partly because thats how organised I am, and partly so I didnt have to pay to get in..

The carpark was half empty by that time, most of the swappers had gone home though I was told bike stuff was hardly anywhere to be seen so no great loss. Inside there was a few empty spaces where some of the show cars had disappeared, but there was still some neat machines to have a look at.. for free!
Unusally, I remembered my camera, but like usual, I took crap photos. I like the eclectic and less shiny stuff as you can see. Im even looking at buying a VW! Mostly because Ive spent all my money on bikes and cant afford anything else! I wonder if I should chop the guards and lower it?

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