Maund speed alloy fork covers? New amal carb? Oil tank kits? Stainless spoke set? Interested? I just listed some of my triumph parts stash on trademe. Go here to have a look.. then buy something!

I dont have any info on these insanely fantastic creations unfortunately. I think the pictures came from a JJ friday art thread. Wicked!

After 10 days and 1000ks on the Sporty I just cant figure out the attraction of high bars. Im hangin out for my M Type bars to arrive so I can throw those 10" pieces of crap in the back of the shed. On the upside, I am in danger of becoming converted to such luxuries as electric start, a garage floor without oil spots, and reliability. But hey its only been 10 days Im sure it will start leaking and probably break down.

Cafe Racer

Finally a show worth downloading off the internet..

I what?

I last posted in january? Serious? Well Ive been here and there.. bit of a hiatus from motorcycling since I exploded the Norton last year, was highly unimpressed about missing last summers riding, then work type stuff happened. Been reasonably busy with non-motorcycle related happenings since April. Unashamed mention of being in the NZ Army Combat Shooting Team and competing internationaly during this time...
Anyways, I recently took stock of my small collection of british metal. A Commando with an engine in bits, that more or less needs new everything.. a half finished Triumph bobber style machine which may-or-may-not be done by christmas (we'll go with probably not) and a BSA off road machine that I cant ride on the.. uh.. the on-road. So.. while I was away from civilisation (work) I not only obsessed about the food I wasnt getting, I also thought about what it used to be like back when (last year) I had a bike to ride. So I made the highly unusual decision to buy something new that would in the short term (1-3 years) provide me with wheels until the Norton or the Triumph (or both) were finished. Additionaly, I was without any mode of transport, since I spectacularly wrote my car off when I rolled it down a bank and cheated death and serious injury. But thats another story.. judge for yourself by the picture, you cant get rides like that at disneyland..

Back to bikes! Now what would I buy? Its no secret now, you can see the picture underneath this post, but just pretend you havent. I toyed with the idea of a new trump, but to be honest they dont do it for me, although I was partial to a Thruxton Bonny but the cost was just too far out there. As it was I blew my self imposed budget. I wasnt left with much to choose from. A sporty it would have to be.
Just to set the record straight, I never ever thought I would buy a Harley, much less a new Evo! Furthermore I have never ever before been to a dealer for anything, and the newest vehicle I had ever owned prior to this, had been the aforementioned 1990 subaru that I only owned a month before destroying.
Since my trip to Wellington Motorcycles two days ago, I have been the (proud?) owner of an '03 XL883C with a 1200 kit and some of the most annoying high bars on it that Ive ever had the misfortune to deal with. Expect it to look a little different in a month or two, changes are planned...
...and thats that. Im back on the road. See you out there.