Sunday drivers

While riding on the motorway on sunday, my riding collegues and I where set upon by a bunch of unruly and disrespectful youths riding in a motorcar from the land of the rising sun. They must have had something wrong with their suspension or perhaps were carrying considerable weight in their vehicle as it rode extremely low to the ground. But I digress.
The driver must also have had a neck injury as he seemed not to be able to look around as he changed lanes, and also had a discouraging preference not to use his mirrors because his motorcar moved so rapidly onto the motorway and changed lanes with such gusto, that he cut across my path of motion recklessly close to the front wheel of my motorcycle. I could only decreee that perhaps he did not see me, or simply cared not for my presence. I assumed the latter, and somewhat indignant, I proceeded to give chase..
I did soon draw level with the vehicle and made the deduction that the young men must have been under the influence of some sort of opiate or distilled beverage, as their headwear was worn backwards to shade their necks even though it was past noon and the sun was to our front. Perhaps they were fatigued and lacking fluids, making them confused. Nevertheless, such impudence could not go unpunished.
However, it was at this time that I found myself in a conundrum. I was postioned at the port side of the motor vehicle and being that my throttle mechanism is on the starboard end of my handlebar, I could not remove my hand for long enough to show my displeasure without falling back hastily into the flow of traffic. As I considered this predicament, one of my riding collegues had expertly piloted his heavy American motorcycle to the other side of the aforementioned Oriental wagon, and with one swift downward stroke, relieved the vehicle of its mirror! Bravo!
It was at this time that I realised, in our haste to repeal an injustice against motorcylists and man kind, we were on the brink of following the motorcar off the motorway onto a one lane carrigeway of such width that a car and two motorcycles riding abreast would not fit. With the briefest display of ingratitude by way of my longest finger, my collegue and I departed with great haste and returned to our intended direction of travel.
Immediately after these events, congratulations were rewared upon us by a group of travellers who had witnessed the spectacle from behind, who drew alongside us and displayed the thumbs of their right hands, which I took as a gesture of approval. It was heartening to know that we were not alone in our judgement in this matter.
And so, the journey continued, and the travellers arrived home safely. With a tale to tell no less.

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