Well done chaps, and curse the Prime Minister.

To the 5000 gents that descended on Parliment in protest against the proposed ACC levy increase, jolly good show I say. It does fill me with disgust however, at the Prime Ministers duplicitous behaviour. Minister Nick Smith though, fills me with more than plain disgust. He is a joke of a man and appears completely incompetent in his role, and we, the motorcyclists shall suffer.
He will however, be judged when the time comes. I only wish that his absurdities where not thrust upon us before he loses his seat in parliment when the ballot is cast again.
TVNZ News coverage of the protest rally
It was obvious to see that Key and Smith would appear understanding and make it look as though a compromise was to be made, thus lowering the proposed amount of the levy. They would then achieve the resulting amount they clearly intented from the outset, motorcyclists would appear placated by the compromise and all would be well with the world again. Much like the bartering system, and something that would fool only small children, and, well, fools. Their counter offer though, is appaling! Such things alone, will ensure that I, and all motorcyclists that I know personally, will never again vote National, regardless of any other good policies they have implemented, if they have even achieved such.
A Death Pox on you Nick Smith, and a severe rash to you Prime Minister.

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