Not so-Cold Kiwi

I made it to my first Cold Kiwi last weekend and the first thing I noticed was that it wasnt that cold. Not that it dissappointed me at all. Me and Eli got ridiculously boozed, we brought BYO against the rules, didnt know until we got there.. naughty us eh? Eli crashed out fairly early (lightweight) and I wandered about in a drunken daze for a few more hours and lost my wallet. Dont remember much apart from trying to cook a feed before going to sleep but eating mostly warm raw meat. I guess thats why there was a pile of vomit with raw meat in it outside the tent on saturday.
I spent all saturday hibernating in my tent and missed all the events, which probably would have been good.
I did overhear outside "Is that the blue sporty that went up the hill climb?"
"Nah this dudes been asleep all day."
Had no money for drinking supplies or gas, luckily had enough juice to make it home.
You can bet I'll be back next year.

Heres a video made by some guy.

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