New stuff

New years. Drinking. Much. Deplorable acts such as dancing and other inappropriate behaviours I gladly cannot remember. Absolutely nothing motorcycle related except I was wearing my Norton shirt at the time. If you saw me in Courtenay Place on friday night I hereby order you to forget everything you saw. Next..

New Mags. One Percent! I discovered this mere days after the aforementioned. Issue three is out now looks like I missed the first two. (Where have I been?) If you're like me and this is news to you, I added their blog to the list and you can ask them who stocks it. I got mine in Wellington but I havent seen it in Palmy if thats any help. (No.)
Its a rods and bikes publication, a couple of pieces each for both two and four wheeled machines, plus a couple of articles on racing. Its a bit thin on content at ten bucks, compared to say, GKM or DiCE, but its homegrown and that makes up for it in my opinion. Also some random reviews of music and movies can be found inside (even an ad for meat..) I'll keep buying it. You should too. Or else I'll get drunk and come round to your house and dance until you laugh yourself to death.. or severe discomfort.

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